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Branding Brainstorm Verge Conference



Of the 85 applications there were 55 awards given. 

Branding & Formation

Amy Serra

Brigid Johns

Catherine Wiberg

Cindy Daves

Faanimo Kiliona

Michael McMahan

Morgan Kincaid

Nathanael Rensland

Paula Nichols

Sarah Wahlman

Coworking Memberships

Cia Cortinas

Daniel Juarez

Devon Darden

Elia Martinez

Gene Wilks

Greg Kettner

Jason Gibbs

Karene Gibbs

Karla Castillo

Lorena Valladares Licea

Rachelle Lebold

Riley Clubb

Shakira Bye

Sydnee Morehouse

Teodora Jimenez

Trent Nilsson

Vikki Griffin


Farmers Market Booths

Alice Henderson

Christy Turner

Jen Munkers

Jenniffer Ogden

Kristen Blue

Loren Drake

Melissa Stroe

Michael Rossi

Rawli Rodriguez

Rebecca Hatfield

Regina Weldert

Risha Opp

Robert Gomez

Russell Kroum

Ruthell Martinez

Sara Wiberg

Sierra Mendoza

Sonia Salinas

Wonder Works

Makers' Space

Aleksandr Romadin

Andy Hahn

Edgar Gonzalez

Eugenia Brito

Jeffery Dunbar

Joshua Huh

Julie Thompson

Katelyn Spencer

Marcos Arroyo Vallarta

Noah Ritchie


A family business that focuses on connecting businesses with effective communications and efficient operations; Providing formation & branding services.

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Kindling Coworking Logo

Kindling Coworking

The Valley’s hub for entrepreneurs, innovators, remote workers and professionals who want to escape the home office, share meeting spaces, and office amenities.


A year-round market welcoming local artisans, farmers and food vendors. Summer months are hosted outside in the downtown core. Winter months are hosted indoors at The Showroom.

Makers Space


Walla Walla's premier maker's space. Woodworking, sewing, forging, 3D printing, laser cutting, and more are all a part of this amazing space. Bring your idea, leave with a prototype.  

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