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Evaluator Requirements
Verge Conference evaluators will be responsible for determining the points awarded during the live presentation portion of the event. Their scores will be used to determine the ranking of each award. Each finalist will receive points on their presentation using a predefined rubric.
Each evaluator will also award points during the deliberation time after all presentations. 
The final scores will be used to determine this years conference prizes. 
Evaluators are required to:
  • Attend from 4 - 8pm on May 25 in Walla Walla
  • Attend a training session (in-person/virtually) on May 16 at 8am or May 19 at 5pm
  • Review business plans for our finalists before May 25
This year's evaluators will be comprised of:
  • No more than 1 non-profit represented
  • Up to 9 small business owners
  • Up to 2 academic institutions represented
  • Up to 2 'at large' persons represented
  • Up to 2 governmental employees or municipalities represented
Winners of impact grants or Verge Conference awards (up to and including $2500) are welcome to apply as evaluators. 
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Evaluator Criteria
To qualify as an evaluator you must meet ALL of the following:
  • Haven't judged previous impact grants or Verge Conference applications
  • Be available on May 25th from 4 - 8pm
  • Attend a 1h pre-conference training on May 18 (time TBD)
  • Agree to limit their consideration of the finalists to information presented by the conference
  • Have no personal, professional or financial connection to the finalists
  • Must treat all finalist information provided by Verge Conference as confidential
  • Be willing to sign an agreement representing all criteria are correct and true.
To qualify as an evaluator you must meet TWO of the following:
  • Own a small business (less than $3M annual revenue) for 2+ years
  • Provide services primarily targeting small businesses
  • Regularly use rubrics in the course of their profession
  • Be Primarily self-employed
  • Be primarily employed by a non-profit organization or
  • serve on a non-profit board
  • Be primarily employed by an academic institution or serve on an academic board
  • Be primarily employed by a business that provides professional services to small businesses (less than $3M)
  • Be primarily employed by a government or municipality
If you meet the above criteria, and are interested please apply to be an evaluator!
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